Patrick Shares His Story

Amazing how a bystander can lend a helping hand and save a life. This is why Project Heart Start is working hard to spread the work that hands only CPR works! Anyone can learn, and there’s a job for everyone in an emergency when someone collapses. Let’s all join together as a community to reduce the outstanding number of out-of-hospital deaths from sudden cardiac arrest.

Sean Potter Gets to Thank Mystery Good Samaritans

Bystanders are becoming heroes with the power to save a life. Check out the story of a man saved recently by anonymous good Samaritans, and contact us to find out how you can learn how to save a life yourself.

Project Heart Start NM Saves A Life!

It is wonderful when you find out what you are doing is worth it!

Bystander helps save a life by giving CPR for 15 minutes!

Bystander helps save a life at Philadelphia International Airport by giving CPR for 15 minutes.

Project Heart Start saved another life.

Find out out what happened to Ed and how Terry and the Sports & wellness staff saved his life.