What is Saving Albuquerque Hearts?

A Life Changing Vision: 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death with over 400,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurring annually in the U.S. The survival rate in New Mexico is currently around 5%, whereas in places like Seattle, WA survival rate has jumped to over 60%. This is because CPR training and AEDs are easily accessible and taught in all businesses and schools.

Project Heart Start is committed for Albuquerque to become “Another Seattle” by making CPR training widely accessible to businesses and promoting the installation of AEDs though our Saving Albuquerque Hearts Program.

Saving Albuquerque Hearts Ambassador 

Project Heart Start depends largely on Ambassadors to fulfill its mission, to reach out to every business in Albuquerque and to deliver successful Project Heart Start CPR trainings.

  • Ambassadors Can Be: SCA survivors, students, retired professionals, those who have saved a life, anyone with a passion of helping our community.
  • Ambassador Position Overview: SAH Ambassadors will serve as official representatives of Project Heart Start in and enhanced facilitator capacity. They will advocate for the cause and reach out to targeted industries to promote CPR/AED training.

Make a Difference: Heart Start; A Life Changing Vision 

CPR saves lives. Project Heart Start is committed to making Albuquerque’s community safer by making CPR training easily accessible, successful and enjoyable. Saving Albuquerque Hearts is possible because of the generosity of our community. Please watch these touching testimonials to see why Saving Albuquerque Hearts is such a beneficial program to our community.
We would like to thank Patrick and Faye Bates with LightWorks Media, INC. for this amazing video.


How do I get my company trained by Project Heart Start?

If you are interested in your company receiving our life saving training. Contact Martha Mowry at 505-881-8195 or email at martham@nmhi.com. We will schedule your company for the date and time that is convenient for you.  One of our highly skilled Project Heart Start Ambassadors will come to your location to do the training.