Project Heart Start in Schools

In 2016, the legislation was passed requiring each student who graduates from a public high school in New Mexico to take a CPR training that incorporates four elements. Project Heart Start initiated that legislation and, for 3 years prior to its passage, worked with schools all over the state to help implement the program. We trained teachers, coaches and school nurses to present the course developed by Project Heart Start.

The program is provided at no cost through the New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation. Our goal is to train all capable New Mexicans to learn four life saving skills. The program in the schools has been very successful and we want to ensure that it continues.

The program is as follows:

  • 45-minute training using a 10-minute video followed by hands-only training of CPR, use of the AED, how to perform the Heimlich maneuver for a choking victim, and how to recognize the signs of a heart attack and what to do.
  • PHS holds a training program for people at your school who will be trainers
  • PHS helps your trainers to obtain the mannequins and AED trainers used for the training
  • A video for both trainers and student training can be found here.

Contact Chanel Rojas by email or call (505) 881-8195 for information.