Together, we can help save lives of teens and adults experiencing out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest in New Mexico.

Start by reaching out to the Project Coordinator for The Heart Start Program to find out how you can help those in the New Mexico community, including yourself, gain the confidence in knowing what actions to take in these out-of-hospital emergencies.

Project Heart Start in Schools

In 2016, legislation initiated by Project Heart Start was passed requiring all Public High Schools to train students in four lifesaving skills before graduating.

Project Heart Start provides free training for school nurses, health teachers, or other designated staff to learn how to teach the program using Project Heart Start resources.

Thanks to City of ABQ Teachers, Coaches, and Nurses who took the time to learn our program and teach students, many schools have already instituted the program.

Project Heart Start in Your Business

A Project Heart Start trainer can be requested to train all staff members during an upcoming meeting, team building event, or safety training.

There is no charge to schedule a training with Project Heart Start. The New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation is funded by New Mexican citizens, and donations are greatly appreciated to support the continuation of the Project Heart Start program.

Project Heart Start in the Neighborhoods

Show how much you care about those in our community by bringing the Project Heart Start Program into your neighborhood, place of worship, or civic group.

80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergencies happen outside of the hospital making the bystander the first responder until medical help arrives.

Project Heart Start will help you organize a training event in your community aimed to empower bystanders to take charge in these emergencies.