Together, we can help save lives of teens and adults experiencing out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest in New Mexico.

Start by reaching out to the Project Coordinator for The Heart Start Program to find out how you can help those in the New Mexico community, including yourself, gain the confidence in knowing what actions to take in these out-of-hospital emergencies.

Project Heart Start in Schools

In 2016, the legislation initiated by Dr. Ramo with Project Heart Start Program was passed!!

Now, every Public High School in New Mexico is required to teach the life-saving skills presented in our program before graduation.

Thanks to City of ABQ Teachers, Coaches, and Nurses who took the time to learn our program and teach students, kids graduating from Public High Schools  throughout New Mexico are confident in their ability to help save a life.

Project Heart Start in Your Business

One of our Trainers can be easily scheduled to come teach the entire staff at a date and time convenient for you!

There is no charge to schedule a training with Project Heart Start. If you are pleased with your experience and want to support our future, donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue on our mission.

Project Heart Start in the Neighborhoods

Show how much you care about those in our community by bringing the Project Heart Start Program into your neighborhood, place of worship, or civic group.

Reaching out to organize a Training for your friends, neighbors, and their families will encourage more bystanders step in and help if a teen or adult experiences out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest.