Together, we can help save lives of teens and adults experiencing out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest in New Mexico.

Start by reaching out to the Project Coordinator for The Heart Start Program to find out how you can help those in the New Mexico community, including yourself, gain the confidence in knowing what actions to take in these out-of-hospital emergencies.

Project Heart Start in Schools

In 2016, legislation initiated by Project Heart Start was passed requiring all Public High Schools to train students in four lifesaving skills before graduation.

Project Heart Start provides free training for school nurses, health teachers, or other designated staff to learn how to teach the program using Project Heart Start resources.

The program is a self sustaining, no cost way to help all schools in New Mexico teach students the four lifesaving skills required before graduation.

Project Heart Start in Your Business

A Project Heart Start trainer can be requested to train all staff members during an upcoming meeting, team building event, or safety training.

There is no charge to schedule a training with Project Heart Start. The New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation is funded by generous donations that are greatly appreciated to support the continuation of the Project Heart Start program.

Project Heart Start in the Neighborhoods

Show how much you care about those in our community by bringing the Project Heart Start Program into your neighborhood, place of worship, or civic group.

80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergencies happen outside of the hospital, making the bystander the first responder until medical help arrives.

Project Heart Start will help you organize a training event in your community aimed to empower bystanders to take charge in these emergencies.

Training for Individuals and Families

Attend a CPR Class

Make sure you know how to save a life by coming to our FREE Project Heart Start CPR class at New Heart Fitness and Health Center!

Learn about Hands-Only CPR, how to using an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), what to do after recognizing signs of a Heart Attack, and how to use the abdominal thrusts to help a choking victim to feel confident in your abilities to save a life in your community.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm

Project Heart Start (PHS) Training Overview

First, we educate trainees through a Training Video produced by KOAT and Dr. Barry Ramo. Then, we have everyone practice the life-saving skills they learned to simulate having to acting them out during an emergency in the hands-on learning portion. The program is presented by Trainers taught by experienced Project Heart Start Coordinators and Rescuers how to teach the Project Heart Start Curriculum to other capable individuals in New Mexico.

Thanks to support from the NM Heart Institute Foundation, our quick and easy to remember 1 hour training for bystanders on how to help teens and adults experiencing out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest is offered FREE.

Our training does not provide formal certification like a 4-hour course offered by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

**If you are required to receive a formal 4-hour certification, refer to the AHA or ARC site to search for a training center near you to sign-up for a 4-hour certification course. 

  • First, our Training Video will walk you through the 4 lifesaving skills showing you what to expect in these emergencies and how to take action.
  • After the video, it’s time to practice your chest compression technique. Our mannequins will provide feedback on the adequacy of your compression to ensure trainee is delivering high quality chest compression to 2 – 2.5 inches deep at a speed of between 100-120/minute.
  • Next you will operate an AED (automated external defibrillator) trainer to simulate operating a real AED device.
  • Last you will try the Heimlich maneuver using choking vests we provide to show you what it would be like a real choking situation when a teen or adult can not breath due to an airway blockage.

A brief completion survey is administered to reinforce what was learned.


Project Heart Start can provide all the materials for the one-hour course. We can also provide a space for training if needed.

This includes:

  • Training video
  • CPR mannequins
  • AED trainer
  • Choking vest
  • Test to be administered at the end
  • Completion Certificate
  • Wallet Reminder Card

Sign-Up by contacting the to the Project Coordinator for The Heart Start Program to find out how you can gain confidence in knowing what actions to take in these out-of-hospital emergencies.

More than 90% of city employees have been trained and major corporations such as Intel and Sandia Laboratories have instituted the program.