Project Heart Start in Schools

In 2016, the legislation initiated by Project Heart Start was passed!!

Every student enrolled in a NM public high school is now required to take a CPR training that incorporates four elements before graduating. Thanks to their teachers, coaches and nurses this program has been very successful.

Project Heart Start in Your Business

You can make your place of business a safer place to work by ensuring all staff are trained!

One of our knowledgeable Trainers will train the entire staff at your earliest convenience, and provide guidance in how get an AED device. Training is provided at no cost, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue our mission.

Project Heart Start in the Neighborhoods

Show how much you care about you community by bringing Project Heart Start into your neighborhood, place of worship, or civic group.

Teaching the lifesaving skills we offer to your friends and neighbors and their families will change the dismal outcome for those suffering from a cardiac arrest, heart attack or choking.