To set up a training for your organization, fill out the contact form below or contact Chanel Rojas at 505-881-8195 or

If you would would like to request a one-time training event at your organization, contact Project Heart Start with the approximate requested date, the expected number of attendees, and the location.  The training will require a large room with little to no furniture, a Programsscreen and projector or similar set up, and external speakers.  The training materials, such as CPR compression manikins and an AED trainer, will be provided by your Project Heart Start facilitator(s). If you would like to train your organization, but you do not have a suitable space at your location, an alternative venue may be discussed.  Please request a training a minimum of two weeks in advance to provide adequate time for your event organization.

To organize a large event, and/or to organize an ongoing CPR training program, event leaders from your organization can be selected to attend a Project Heart Start facilitator training class to learn how to teach others.  Training supplies can be purchased for repeated use or borrowed from a local partner as needed.  Project Heart Start can help you decide which option is best for your needs.  Please contact Project Heart Start to determine an appropriate timeline and specific needs of your event.

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