AED Grant Program

By Project Heart Start

A Program of the New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation

The New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation is dedicated to improving the dismal outcome of Sudden Cardiac Arrest patients. Their hearts are “too good to die,” and only 10% survive. 80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur outside of the hospital, so the Bystanders are the first responders.

As well as immediate Hands-Only CPR, the other vital action bystanders should initiate to help save the life of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest patient is the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Dr. Barry Ramo, Medical Director of Project Heart Start, initiated legislation passed in 2016 to protect the use of AEDs under the NM Good Samaritan Law. Dr. Ramo wants to encourage the widespread placement of these heart starting devices in schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Starting in January 2020, Project Heart Start will begin reviewing applications to grant 10 AEDs per year to nonprofit organizations throughout the New Mexico communities. Support of this program is provided by the New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation and Lovelace Health System.

If you belong to a nonprofit organization that does not have at least one AED on site, please download and fill out the AED Grant Application below.

Send to: Project Heart Start Coordinator

601 Lomas Blvd. NE 87102, Albuquerque, NM