Cardiac arrest survival triples after Denmark’s CPR push

CPR Saves lives. In the current issue of the Journal of the American medical Association, an article from Denmark documents the dramatic improvement in survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest. After instituting an extensive countrywide CPR program were among others children in elementary school were taught CPR, the survival rate went from 6% to […]

Food Pyramid

What is the Food Pyramid? By: Dr. Barry Ramo, M.D., FACC Q: I find the dietary recommendations are becoming more and more confusing.  For years I was told eat more starches and less fat and now I understand that there may be a new food pyramid.  What are your current recommendations? A: You are absolutely […]


POTATO CHIPS – WHY THEY ARE SO BAD By: Barry Ramo, M.D., FACC Q: I have heard you talk about potato chips and you act like they give you cancer. Why are they so bad? A: I like potato chips and they have all but one of the food groups. Salt, fat and simple carbohydrates […]

Ideal Calcium Source

Ideal calcium source is from food, then pill form; Adequate amounts of vitamin D are also needed. Barry W. Ramo, M.D., FACC Q: I’m 48 years old and in good health. My mother had osteoporosis and I worry about it. I hear conflicting reports on how much calcium I should be getting and how I should […]

Drinking Dr. Pepper

DRINKING DR PEPPER Barry W. Ramo, M.D, FACC Q: Does drinking diet drinks, especially Dr Pepper containing phenylalaline and phenylketonurics, affect the liver, kidneys and weight even when a person goes to the gym and works out three times a week? A: You are correct that Dr Pepper contains phenylalanine, which is an amino acid […]

Starting an Exercise Program by Dr. Ramo

Q: My doctor told me I have the metabolic syndrome and will develop diabetes if I am not careful. She told me I had to exercise, but I hate exercise. Do you have an alternative. A: No, there is no alternative to exercise.  I make one prescription to virtually every patient I see. I want […]