The Mission Behind Project Heart Start

The Project Heart Start Program is dedicated to spreading awareness about the effectiveness of Hands-Only CPR in helping save lives of out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims, encouraging widespread placement of AED devices, and training all capable individuals in New Mexico about four life-saving skills anyone can learn to help save a life it they witness a teen or adult suddenly collapse and become unresponsive outside of the hospital from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The Goal of Our Program

Our goal is to create a sustainable training program by teaching Trainers how to educate others on the four life-saving skills taught in the Project Heart Start program throughout the community. Our goal is also to encourage the widespread placement of AED devices, and educate the public about heart disease prevention.

Success of our program relies on the implementation of the train-the-trainer approach in schools, businesses, and neighborhoods, and on the enormous support of our Volunteer Trainers. The program is taught by these Volunteer Trainers and Trained Responders to organizations throughout the community. So far, school Nurses, P.E. Teachers, Health Teachers, Security Personnel, and City Employees are just a few examples of the many Trainers working hard to teach as many capable people here in New Mexico as possible.

We are expanding our program throughout the state working with leaders in Government, Education and Businesses to make training easily obtained through donation based compensation, and develop a sense that learning these lifesaving skills is a civic duty in New Mexico.  Programs will soon be offered in English, Spanish and Native American languages. The goal is to have at least 30% of the people living in the state get trained in the essentials presented by Project Heart Start by 2022 and to assist other communities outside New Mexico to take on the project.